Specialties of the House

...are those of the land of Sicily and of our hospitable city, the ancient Earldom of Modica:
traditions and recipes that time couldn't cancel, and that today, in our Giogaia, become
the usual Savours that we offer to our guests.

We consider ourselves lucky because we live on the "Hillock of Mauto" and the fruits that
render the table particularly tempting and rich in Flavours come from our own orchard and garden.

The most important moment of the day is breakfast, a feast of Savours that give to our guests
the energy to start merrily their daily tour. Jams, cakes, biscuits, bread, fruit in season, orange squash, almond-milk - everything regularly home-made, as the famous "Modican Chocolate".

On request our B&B is equipped for breakfast celiac.

"Cassata Siciliana"
"Dolci Tipici Modicani"
"Torta Estate"
Colazione, particolare
Giusy e Piero